9 Best Google Play Store Hidden Feature In 2021

Google play store is one of the huge source for android apps, over 3 million apps are available in play store. Android apps are also get from third party source, but you should be download and install only on google play store because the apps on google play store are safe by play protect.

Here, we discus 9 best feature of google play store, so let’s began,

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

Google Play store Feature

  • Update Google Play Store:
Apps update is most important part for your current installed apps on your device because some grateful feature is comes through apps update. So, you always need to update your apps. The Google Play Store itself is a very powerful app, and needed always update google play store. To update play store go to play store app setting then scroll down and you get Play store version. Tap 3 or 4 times on app version. If google play store is not updated, then download will be started. In this way you can update your google play store.
  • Comments Filter:
Comment filter is one of the best feature on google play store. If any app is stop or crash in your phone then you want to knowing that the app is stop only my device or the other same device. To  knowing this you can use comments filter in google play store and check it. To do this, open the app in google play store. Click on Rating then go to option and tick on “Latest version only” and “From this device model only” and click ok. All is done, you can see the comment only for your device. It also a good and helpful feature on google play store.
  •  Early Access:
Early access is a feature that is available in google play store. Early access is a section for those user who want to try new apps that’s are not publicly launch. So, if you want to try those (beta) app then open google play store and  swipe the upper ties, on right side you will find early access where you can install new apps.
Like early access play store has same section called Indie Corner. Here you also get new apps that’s are not publicly launched. Actually, here you get only new developer apps. To access Indie Corner, open a browser and search Indie Corner on Google. Then tap on first result and then automatically open indie corner in google play store.
  • Automatic Update:
Sometimes automatic update will go wrong. Some of the developer pleased too many adds on app (big example is ES File Explorer, in old days ES File Explorer is one of the best apps but now too many adds pleased on this app), you install old version and play store will automatically update the app. So, if you don’t update the particular app then open the app on play store then on top right corner click three dot and unchecked auto-update. In this way you can avoided automatically update apps.
  • Beta Version:
Many times some of the app (like Facebook, Whatsapp) are launch beta tester when new feature coming on apps. So, first time you want to use the new feature then open google play store and open the particular app. Scroll down and you see “Become a beta tester” and click on join now. Few time later you will get update notice for the particular app and then you can use those new feature at the first time.
  • Restrict Purchases:
This feature is for security related. Actually, this feature is for paid apps on google play store. With this feature you can restrict and when anyone purchase apps then play store want the password and you can also enroll your device finger print scanner to restrict purchase.
  • Wish List:
Wish list also a useful feature on google play store. Some times we brows on the google play store and  we choose a app to install but has no sufficient data and some time later we forget that. Then, you can add those app on the wish-list. When you have sufficient data or you connect to wi-fi then open wish-list and you can install the apps.
  • Parental Control:
Parental control is also a good feature on google play store. If your child use google play store, then you should be use parental control. With this feature you can filter apps by age label, then google will show the apps for those selected age label.
To do this, go to play store setting and find Parental Control, then click on it and set the age and click on save. Now all is done.
  • Hide Home Screen Icon:
When you install apps from google play store, a shortcut will be created on home screen. If you like a clean home screen then you should use the feature of google play store.
To do this open google play store, go to setting and you will see Add icon to Home Screen, unchecked Add icon to Home Screen. Now, the app shortcut will not saved on your home screen.

Conclusion About Google Play Store Hidden Feature

Here, we discus 9 best google play store hidden feature that you should know. If you like the articles then share to your friends and follow us also do comment us your words. Thanks to visit our website.

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