VLC Media Player Tricks You Should Know

Vlc media player in one of the most popular media player. Vlc media player is available in most of every platform like Windows, Mac and Android. The interface of vlc media player is pretty simple and easy to use it. The performance of vlc media player is very excellent. Most of the windows user is use vlc media player as a default media player especially video player. Here we talk about some interesting work that you can do with vlc media player.
VLC Media Player Tricks You Should Know In 2018
Vlc Media Player

VLC Media Player Tricks

  • Record Screen:
Record screen is one of the best and useful features especially for YouTube’s. To record the screen of your device you need any third party screen recorder software. But you can do with vlc media player and the result you will get is pretty amazing. If you record screen then you must use this vlc media player screen recorder feature.

How to do

To record screen you need to install vlc media player and launch it. Then go to media and choose convert/save or press ctrl+R in your keyboard. Go to capture device then select desktop from capture mode and in option input the frame rate (10.00f/s). Click on bottom arrow and choose convert or press Alt+O in your keyboard. Then create a new profile and then go to video codec and click video checkbox. Then choose video codec and give the profile name then click on create. Then choose your video destination folder, give the file name and click on start. Now the screen in record, when it finished then click stop button in vlc media player and the recorded video file will save in your computer.
  • Convert Any Video File:
In the old mobile device, full HD video does not support then you need to convert the video file. So, to convert the video file you need to install third-party converter software but now you can do with vlc media player. You will get many video format option to convert video.

How to do 

To convert any video file open vlc media player then go to media and choose convert/save or press ctrl+R. Click on add and add the video file which you want to convert. Then click on browse and choose the destination folder where you want to save the converted video file. Click convert/save and then select the video format option (example: video for MPEG4 1080p Tv/Device) and then click on start. Now the process is going on and you will see the process on vlc media player timeline.
  • Take a Snapshot and Record Video While Playing Video:

When video is playing a video, you can take a snapshot from video and record the playing video. The snapshot feature comes with many media player also. This feature is very useful and I am pretty sure that you use it. 

How to do

To take a snapshot or record video when video is playing, you need to go view and click on advance controls then in the bottom you will get the tool for record video and take a snapshot. Firstly get a red circle, this is for record video and then you get a camera icon. When you click this camera icon during video playing, vlc media player will take a snapshot from the video and save to your computer. So, you can use this feature to take a snapshot or screenshot from video.
  • Stream Online Video:
It is another great feature of vlc media player. Actually, you can stream online video by the video URL in vlc media player. For example, playing a youtube video and copy the URL from the youtube video, then paste the URL on vlc media player and you will see the video in vlc and also you can download video, just click on convert.

How to do

To stream online video, copy the video URL and open the vlc media player. Then go to media and click on convert/save or press ctrl+R. Then go to network and you will get a text section, paste the video URL on text section and click play or press Alt+P. Then the video will playing in the vlc media player.
  • Using As a Webcam:
In vlc media player, you can access your webcam very easily. So, it is another great feature of vlc media player.

How to do 

To access your webcam open vlc media player then go to media and click on convert/save. Then go to capture device and then click play or press Alt+P. Then the webcam will start and seeing on vlc media player.
  • Video And Audio Effect:

Video and audio effect is a great feature on vlc media player. In video effect, when the video is playing you can give a color effect, rotate the video on every angle and many more. And the audio effect, you will get the equalizer feature. you will get many equalizers preset in vlc media player. So, you enjoy the audio and video effect on vlc media player.

How to do   

To give the video and audio effect on video, click on Tool and then click effects and filters or press ctrl+E, then you can give the audio and video effect.

Conclusion VLC Media Player 

This is some vlc media player tricks and tips. If you don’t understand anything then comment us. If you like the articles about vlc media player then follow us and share with your friends. Thanks to visiting our website.

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