What Is Google Duplex? | Explain Google Duplex Project In 2021

In May 2018, Google revealed Google Duplex and it is a very hi-tech project from Google. Google Duplex is an artificial intelligence (AI) chat agent that can easily do some specific task such as making an appointment or reservation, with the smartphone. Google Duplex is using natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG) for the two-way conversation, incorporates interjections and pauses in such a lifelike manner. So, someone listening will easily mistake a human-to-computer transaction or a human-to-human conversation.

What Is Google Duplex Explain Google Duplex Project In 2018
Google Duplex

Latest HiTech Project Form Google, Google Duplex

Nowadays, our phone is slowly becoming very smart such as in our android phone we talk to google assistant or Apple device has siri assistant. This assistant technology is too amazing but now google release Google Duplex, which is the next label of the assistant.
In the Google Assistant, we talk by using some command, and google assistant will reply us. But in the Google Duplex talk to us just like human talking style. Google Duplex can talk with another human by the phone call and the human could not understand that he talk to a machine. That’s pretty amazing.
Google Duplex is used, for example, you want to book a restaurant table, now to book the table you can use Google Duplex. Google Duplex will automatically call to the restaurant and talk to the restaurant person just like a human.

Conclusion About Google Duplex

I am pretty sure that in future google duplex is used in everywhere such call center, restaurant, and many places. I hope you understood something about Google Duplex. If you like the articles then share with your friends and follow us. Thanks to visiting our website.
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