What Is Bitcoin? | How To Get & Use Bitcoin | Bitcoin Price

In the article, we going to show you about bitcoin cryptocurrency. If you interested in bitcoin then you are in the right place. You definitely need to know what is bitcoin and how it works.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that only exists on the internet. It actually stored on bitcoin wallet and you can transaction it to each other. You can’t touch or see the bitcoin but you can buy or sell by this currency, it’s actually a virtual currency.

Every country has a physical currency and they are totally controlled by the government but the bitcoin is not a physical currency and totally out of control by the government.
In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown person who developed bitcoin, and it is “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.

What Is Bitcoin How To Get & Use Bitcoin Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Explain

Basically, the bitcoin price is not constant, it actually fluctuation 30% in a day. For example, suppose today one bitcoin value $1000 but the next day it may be on $700. So it is a very risky investment. 

According to the global CEO of Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, the cryptocurrency is the highest risk and highest return investment. This is for those people, they have huge extra money. So, if you have extra, surplus money then you can buy bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin | How To Get & Use Bitcoin | Bitcoin Price
Price fluctuation in a day


How To Get And Use Bitcoin

To get bitcoin, you can buy it by your real money. For example, you buy one bitcoin by $1,000 USD and it will store in your bitcoin wallet. And the other way to get bitcoin is bitcoin mining.

Anyone can mine bitcoin by running software with powerful computer hardware. So, if you have a powerful computer then you can mine bitcoin.


How to mine bitcoin?

Suppose a person send a bitcoin to another person. To complete the transaction need huge of computer power to solve the billion mathematical problems and here we use DATA MINING

Data miner is those people who use their computer on peer-to-peer network to complete the transaction. In the blockchain, a huge of the computer is work to solve a transaction. When a computer completes a transaction, get some of bitcoin. In this way, you can mine bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining

Overall, Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency and you can’t use to buy any product in your local area. But on the internet, some of the websites accept bitcoin and slowly it’s using is increased.

So, you have an interest and buy or sell bitcoin than an app is available on play store called Zebpay Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Conclusion & Honest Opinion About The Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

To investment on bitcoin and want to return a profit then it’s actually not sure that you get profit. You will get profit or not, because of bitcoin rate fluctuates on a single day near 30%. So, it is an unsafe investment and not an actual investment, it’s a virtual investment. 

So, bitcoin investment is for those people who have huge personal disposable income. So, if you have huge disposable income then you can invest in bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin, Investment, Income, Business

Here, I discuss and try to cover everything about bitcoin. If you want to know more the go to the website: https://bitcoin.org/en/

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