What is a Server? – Explain the Server Definition

What is Server?

Basically, a server is a program/software or specialized hardware that serve the data to a device through internet. For example, we use cloud storage, play a video on YouTube, open any website, where the data is actually stored in a server, for this, we do any particular task on the internet.
There are a number of “servers categories” is available like a file server, database server, print server, and a network server.

What is a Server - Explain the Server Definition

Explain the Server Definition

In the private computer, we use Intel i3, i5 etc processor also Intel Xeon series processor actually use in the server but here the hardware that is used is very different from your traditional computer because in some problem we can restart our computer but in the server, we can’t do. So the hardware that is used in the server is too high-quality. The high-quality RAM, processor, hard drive are used in the server.
Now all the personal computer can be used as a network server. Suppose you create storage in your home with your android mobile and here you store all kind of data and access this data by your computer, tablet, and many more device, now your android mobile work as a server.
But the dedicated server is very expensive and too powerful and it actually used for the website data. Suppose you want to build a website and you just need a server so you can take rent server as web hosting. Now all your website data like photos, videos, songs are stored on the server. So, without the server, we can’t do anything on the internet.
A server has special characteristics and capabilities, like:

  • Without a restart or reboot server has the ability to update hardware and software.
  • Advanced backup capability for backup the critical data.
  • Automatic transfer the data between devices.
  • Data and memory protection with high security.

Conclusion About Server

Here, we discuss the definition of server and it’s used. What kind of server you like most comment us in the comment section below. I hope you like the articles, please follow us and also share with your friends. Thanks to visiting our website.

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