5 Awesome Electric Cars From Auto Expo India In 2021

Auto Expo 2021 is underway in Delhi-NCR and turns out electric cars rule this year at the Auto Expo with almost every major car maker bringing electric cars and hybrids to the stage, we saw some great concepts and production-ready cars and these are our personal favorite and amazing electric car.

5 Awesome Electric Cars From Auto Expo India In 2018
Electric Cars

Auto Expo is awesome, we show a lot of electric cars a lot of electric scooters and these are our favorite cars from the show. And here are the 5 amazing electric cars:

1. Suzuki Future Concept-S

First, off the Suzuki Future Concept-S, I mean the looks of the car in a good way except I think they could have gone for a better color scheme but the car is definitely eye-catching and apparently, it’s the first car that has been designed completely in-house by the company. The car more or less reminds me of the Kwid but that’s not the point, this is the concept and Suzuki clearly has some great things in mind for the future. 

The company also showed off the concept E Survivor, an electric car that has a four-wheel drive and does give up a distinctly off-roading. The car will come with the autonomous driving act but it’s not clear how advanced it will be. Most likely it will be something like a driver’s feature but it’s pretty cool.

2.Honda Sports EV Concept

The Japanese car maker showed two electric cars but the one that caught my eye was the Sports EV Concept. Sure the name doesn’t sound exciting the beauty of the car is great, it looks so good.

The company also showed off another electric car which is Honda NeuV Concept. The NeuV Concept it’s a typical electric car in a different design and it looks good but seriously the sports ev concept is amazing.

3.Renault Zoe E-Sport Concept

Renault showed off a really cool e-sport concept based on the Renault Zoe and as is usual with concepts it looks pretty great, in stunning blue color with, yellow highlights the Zoe concept was just electrifying. Everything on this car from the front grille the headlamps and the alloy wheels looks absolutely amazing. Not to mention a subtle backlight on the Renault logo. 

The car can apparently go 200km/h in 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 210 km/h. It was also a concept car designed by the Renault design academy in India and the looks are just wonderful.

4. Kia Soul EV

Kia Motors also showed off an electric vehicle in a decidedly boring white color, it’s a crossover and looks exactly like crossovers do nothing too special in the design and nothing really very remarkable about any of it. Except of course the electric car part. The company is claiming a range of something 190 km per charge with 0 to 96 km per hour time 10.5 seconds.

It’s very new, to be honest, and Kia has said that it will not launch in India until the infrastructure gets upgraded.

5. Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Hyundai wasn’t too quiet at the expo showing off its ioniq electric car alongside a hybrid version of the same. The Ioniq is yet another concept car that shows off all of you now is modern design language including the high-rise boot.

The car looks really great albeit not as immediately eye-catching as the ones from Honda. But it looks pretty damn good. The car can go from 0 to 100 in 10.2 seconds with the max range of 280 km.


Those are pretty much all of our favorites from the Auto Expo 2021 with the Honda sports ev concept being my personal favorite, when there is no word on when or if the company will launch these cars in India. A general thought that was being spoken around the conference by company representatives was that they’re hesitant to launch the electric cars in India because the government does not offer subsidies. 

The India government does offer subsidies on electric vehicles with the provision that 30% of the components be sourced locally. This is not something that’s easy to achieve for new entrants to the markets plus the government does not offer subsidies for hybrid vehicles and imported vehicles.
The auto expo pretty much shows that the industry is ready with electric cars electric buses even electric auto rickshaws. The government just needs to make it easier for them to enter the market.

Well, those were our favorite electric cars from the auto expo 2021 but which cars are your favorites, do let me know in the comment section below, also if you like then share and follow us. Thanks to visiting our website.
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