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TamilGun - Download Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam Free HD Movies

TamilGun - Download Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies

TamilGun: Watching movies is a great entertainment thing and we all used to watch movies in our free time. Now, you can download lots of movies like the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil movies and series from online.

Yes, you can find many free movies downloading website on the web and they allow you to download free latest movies with HD and DVD with dual audio. But all the movie download sites are actually pirated and illegal.
Therefore, the websites are not legal to download movies and other TV shows. You need to avoid and not download movies from these movie downloading sites.

TamilGun - Free Movie Download

If you used to download movies from the internet for free then you might hear TamilGun name as well. TamilGun is a pirated movie downloading site and an anonymous group of people is maintaining the website. 

They used to copy the original movies or TV shows and publish on their website. In fact, they work from a remote location and it is very hard to find their real location.

As you know, when any movies have been released same time they also upload the copy movies on the TamilGun website. So anyone can easily download the movies for free. 

Sometime before the release of the movie, they upload the copy of the films to their website as soon as possible. 

For this, the filmmakers have to suffer heavy losses. So it is totally illegal to do the piracy. But the problem is they continuously doing.

TamilGun - Download Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam HD Movies 2019

TamilGun is a very popular platform for the movies download. Here you can find all the latest Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, dubbed English movies, etc. 

As the name TamilGun, most of the people comes for Tamil films. So it is more popular in India but it is very famous all around the world. Since most of the Tamil films are available in this platform before release.

At the same time, the site owner and its employ are also leaked the Bollywood, Hollywood, Telegu and Malayalam films.

Not only download the movie but also you can easily download movies in regional languages like Hindi. Now, if you want to know more about TamilGun then you can know a lot. Here we going to discuss TamilGun. Let's dive in.

TamilGun Latest Movies Download in 2019

Recently TamilGun has been released on its website called Saaho and you can definitely download and watch the movie.

The lead actor of the movie is Prabhas and the actress is Shraddha Kapoor. Both the actor and actress are played well in this movie. But this movie also leaked on the web.

This is not for the first time that the movie has been leaked before released. Many of the Tamil Movies leaked online before the released. 

The site owner copies the movie with great cameras and devices. So the quality of the movies is definitely good to see. People can enjoy watching the 720p and HD version of the movie.

TamilGun Telegram Channel Link 2019

All the free movie downloading websites are completely illegal so the government tries to ban the URL of the pirated movie download websites. So, they are very much active in their Telegram Channel.

Whenever the government bans the domain then they change the domain extension. Now, they are updated to the Telegram group. So that people can get the domain and they are now easily promoting the pirated content.

The question is where they host the website content? They host all the movies in some dedicated hidden servers and it is quite impossible to find the link of the hidden server.

Revenue of TamilGun

According to the website report, they serve some ads on their site and this way, they generate thousands of dollars each month.

Now, Google Adsense does not allow to serve the ads on illegal websites or illegal content also. So they are used some other ads network and serve the ads.

The Other Pirated Movie Download Website of TamilGun Online

According to a report, there are more than 1000+ pirated movie websites are available on the internet and they are working actively like TamilGun. Also, many other websites are working on the released Indian and other languages movies.

All the movie websites owner are working in the same way. First of all, they have a dedicated server of their own and then they buy all the domain extension.

Now, whenever the government blocks a domain extension, at the same time they change the old domain to the new one.

The best alternative of TamilGun on the same pirated movie download category websites are like TamilRockers, MovieRulz, 123Movies and more.

All the websites are doing the same thing as upload the copied movie. The main motive of all these sites is like leaked the latest movies as soon as possible.

TamilGun New Website Link of 2019

People always try to find the TamilGun new link to visit. Now I also show you the resent and popular new links of TamilGun. You can visit the website through the link with using a VPN. Let's look at the new TamilGun links 2019.

How to Access TamilGun Website for Movie Download Free

As we told earlier, TamilGun is a pirated and illegal content downloading website. So that the government always ban the domain link. But at the same time, they change the domain link. But the question is how you can get the information or link?

The answer is, you need to follow them on the social media platform. They always notified the new link the social group like Telegram Group.

Also, you need to use the VPN. Because of the government block the domain from the ISP level. So, if you use the VPN then you are able to access the website. This is how you can access the website.

Is It Legal To Download Movie From TamilGun?

Obviously, the answer is no. You always avoid illegal pirated websites. Since, if you use the pirated website then it means you support the piracy which is totally illegal.

In fact, the filmmakers own the copyright of their movies. So it is totally illegal to distribute them without their permission. Somehow you may found doing this then you may also have a jail in such case. So always avoid them.

Mant time people using VPN technology to access the website. But, always remember that it can be tracked if someone even using the VPN.

So we highly recommend you to go with the legal platform like Netflix or Hotstar.


TamilGun always aims to leak the latest movies as soon as possible on their platform. So that people can easily download the movie for Free.

So, TamilGun becomes very popular among people for the download movie and stream the latest movies also the Tamil TV episodes.

Also, you get the direct download link with many formats and sizes like 360p, 720p, 1080p, DVD-Rip, Blue-Ray and more.

I hope you like our information about the TamilGun movie website. If you like then kindly share with your friends. Lastly thanks for visiting the website.
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