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1337x is a large and very popular torrent search engine and it provides torrent file direct magnet download link. You may want to download Movies, Music, Applications, TV Shows, Games, Amine, Documentaries, and more. 1337x is the mine of all the torrent files that you can easily download.

1337x Unblock

Basically, 1337x is a directory of the torrent and it works as a search engine. When you open the domain you get to see the search box where you can search your torrent file name. Then you get the download link of the particular torrent file.

It is one of the most famous websites because it fulfills all the requirements of the users. So it becomes more and more popular among people. Today we going to discuss the 1337x website and proxy list for download the torrent. Let’s dive in.

1337x Search Engine – Download Movies Torrent 1337x

1337x is an illegal torrent search engine which provides all the torrent files magnet links to the users. This website is totally illegal because it supports piracy. So, the website gets ban many times from the government anti-piracy cell. But, when the domain gets a ban at the same time they purchase new domain extension and get live the website.

The website is working as a search engine and if you want to get torrent files link then you can search the file name and then you get the download torrent links of the file. Now, you can use UTorrent or BitTorrent to download the file on your device.

1337x website starts in 2007 and day by day it going popular among the people. People love the service of 1337x because it provides all the torrent file links. But the activity of 1337x is completely illegal so it banned from Google search queries.

1337x Proxy Links and Mirror Sites

Proxy is another way to get access to the website that blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Actually 1337x is an illegal website so it blocks by the government by using your ISP. However, if you want to get access to the blocked website then you need to use Proxy.

If you use the proxy then you can definitely visit the website anonymously and download torrent file. And 1337x is a top famous pirated website and its domain blocked many countries.

Now the solution is the VPN technology. If you using the VPN (virtual private network) then you can easily visit the website and download all torrent files.

Link Status Country Speed SSL
https://1337x.pl Online India Fast No
https://1337x.tel/ Online India Fast No
https://1337x.to/ Online India Fast Yes
https://1337x.xyz Online India Fast Yes
https://1337xto.in/ Online India Fast No
https://1337x.in Online India Fast No
https://1337x.net Online US Fast Yes
https://1337x.tv Online US Very Fast Yes
https://1337.org Online US Fast No
https://1337.ml Online India Very Fast Yes
https://1337x.cc Online US Very Fast No


How to Unblock 1337x Fast [1337x Unblock]

If you want to download or get access 1337x then first you need the unblock link from your network. If the site unblocks then you can easily access the site and download the files.

Either you can use Tor Browser or use a VPN to unblock the site. Tor Browser is available for Android, iOS, and PC also. And lots of VPN provider provides VPN on your device network.

Otherwise, you use the proxy links and the mirror sites. Here we share all valid and active proxy and mirror sites.

How to Download From 1337x

The Internet is the gold mine of all data and files. If you want to get any file, you can search on the web. And most of the time you get the file for free. But sometimes you need to purchase the files like premium software, Android app, Movies, and more. But the problems are, we want to get the files for free.

Now, people copy the original file like the movie, software and publish it on the torrent site which is illegal. But we like to download this kind of torrent copy content for free.

So, if you want to download any torrent file then you can use the 1337x website. First, you need to visit the site. You can either use a VPN or any Proxy links. We share some active proxy links of the 1337x site. Then you see the big search box. Type the “filename” that you want to download. At the same time, you get the magnet link.

By using torrent software like BitTorrent you can simply download the torrent content. In this way, you can easily download from 1337x.

  1. BitTorrent: BitTorrent is an application and it is available for Android, iOS, and PC. So you can install any of your devices. It is available in Google Play Store, App Store and you can search in Google for PC software. You only need to copy the torrent link and then paste in the Bit Torrent. Now the file will automatically download on your device.
  2. UTorrent: UTorrent also works as like as BitTorrent. You can use one of them. It is also available for Android iOS and PC. So you can also use UTorrent to download Torrent files.

New Movies Download 1337x

You know that every year, lots of new movies were released. And we all need to watch movies in the cinema hall or the legal video streaming platform. But all the movies copied and leaked by the torrent site.

All the movies online available for free and this makes a very loss of the film industry. However, you can download movies using the 1337x search engine. You only need to visit and then search the movie name. You get the torrent link of the movie.

Now, you can install BitTorrent and paste the torrent link and start the download. The movie will download automatically.

Best 1337x Alternatives

There are too many torrent websites are available on the internet. You can use these websites to download torrent files. Here we going to show the best 1337x alternatives.

The Pirates Bay


The Pirates Bay is one of the best and old torrent sites on the web. If you used to download torrent illegal content then you may visit the site at least one time. The website works as a search engine and it provides torrent links of any illegal copy content.

The admin and all the workers work hard to manage the site and most of them ended up in prison. But the site is live now and you can access using the proxy and a VPN. When you visit the site you get to see the search box and all the content keeps in many categories like application, video, audio, and more.

Lime Torrents


Lime Torrents is another great and general torrent site. It also works great for sharing the files with torrent links. Day by day the site is growing and people are very satisfied with the site.

The UI or design of the site is also very well and beautiful. On the homepage, you get all the popular categories with large buttons like Movies, TV shows, Music, Apps and more. Not only you enjoy its well-design but also it provides all the content that will make you very happy. So check the site and download your favorite TV shows, movies, and other files.



ExtraTorrent is another popular torrent platform that works peer-to-peer file sharing through the magnet links. Fast of all you need to visit the site and get the torrent file magnet links. Now, using the BitTorrent protocol, you can easily download the illegal content.

Founded in 2006, and soon it becomes very famous among the people. Because it fulfills all the user’s intents and gives the torrent files for free.


Piracy and original content are totally illegal and we do not support downloading and use pirated content. Here we share the information for the educational purpose to our viewers.

We strongly oppose all types of piracy. So must visit and watch movies with the legal sites. Thanks.

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