How to Speed Up Computer Pro Tips 2018

Speed Up Computer Tips Pro Tricks:

Here we discus some great tips about how to speed up computer in a few seconds. If you follow this awesome tricks and tips then your computer must speed up. 
Speed Up Computer Tips Pro Tricks
Speed Up Computer
Mainly this problem is show those computer that have not sufficient RAM (1 or 2 GB RAM) and slow processor. But if you follow the tips down bellow then your computer might speed up.

Speed Up Computer Tips

1) Disk Clean-Up

Disk clean-up is one of the best tool to speed up computer very easily. Don’t worry, you don’t need to download this tool to speed up computer because this tool comes with Windows operating. So it is very useful tool to speed up computer.

How to use Disk Clean-up tool:

At first go to my computer then select C:// drive. Write click on it then choose properties and you will find disk clean-up. Then click disk clean-up and choose all unnecessary and temporary file and click OK and Delete all the unnecessary and temporary file. It is the first tips to speed up computer and you must try.

2) Delete Temporary File

When you do work with your computer like browse any website and do any work in application software like editing photo or video, then some temporary file is saved in your computer. The temporary is help to doing many work faster and enhance your user experience but a long time later, a huge temporary is saved in your computer then this temporary files will slow down your computer.
So whenever your computer will slowdown you can delete the huge temporary file to speed up computer.

How to Delete Temporary File in C Drive:  

To delete all temporary file, first open Run (to do this press “Ctrl+R”) then type  %temp%  then hit Enter.
All the temporary file will show in a folder. Then you can select all temporary file and delete the temporary file.

3) Optimise and Defragment Your Computer Drive

The Optimise tool is also a very useful tool in your computer to speed up computer. This tool is comes with windows operating. If you optimising your computer’s drive it will help your computer to run more efficiently. So you must try this tool to speed up your computer.

How to Optimise and Defragment Computer Drive:

At first go to my computer then select C:// drive. Write click on it then choose properties then click on Tools and you will get optimise button. Click the optimise button then select C:// drive and click Optimise. When you click optimise then wait some time whenever the process will be finish.

4) Uninstall the Unnecessary Software 

The huge unnecessary software and program that is install in your computer, it also a cause to slow down your computer. When you install a necessary software, many unnecessary software will install with it. It actually happened you don’t see the instruction and notification when install any necessary software. So i recommend that whenever you install any necessary software, check the instruction and notification and install the software with aware. 
So when you uninstall the unnecessary software and program your computer will speed up.

How to Uninstall The Unnecessary Software and Program:

To uninstall the unnecessary software, open control panel then choose uninstall a program. The computer will show you all the software that is install in your computer. Then you can find the unnecessary software. Choose unnecessary software and write click on your mouse and you will get the uninstall option. Click uninstall and the unnecessary software will remove from your computer.
This is some pro tips and tricks to speed up computer very easily. I hope you like “How to Speed Up Computer Pro Tips 2018” information or articles. If you have any query about this information then comment bellow and if this information is helpful then follow us and share to your friends. If you know other many helpful tips about speed up computer then comment or email to us. Thanks to visit our site.

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