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10+ Best WhatsApp Status Download Apps [Android & iOS] in 2019

Whatsapp Status Apps
Nowadays people love to play and share short video songs and short funny video. All the Whatsapp user want to add short video in the Whatsapp Status or story. Now, to find and download video is not an easy task. Also, you need to make the video compatible with the Whatsapp Status.

It is a very long and hard process to make a short video. In this post, we going to show you the 13 best Whatsapp Status app for Android and iOS in 2019. Whatsapp Status App contains lots of short video song, funny video clip which you can share and add on Whatsapp Status. Let's start.

Best WhatsApp Status Download Apps

Here we going to share the best Whatsapp Status download app which allows you to share short video songs, funny video clip, and more. If you want to know the best Whatsapp Status app then you can download the apps.

Video Status App for WhatsApp

Whatsapp Status lovers always find the best 30 seconds video song with good edited. People share the mood through a short video in Whatsapp Status. So, we try to discuss the best video status app that allows for sharing a short video and great features. 

1) VidStatus - Share Your Video Status

VidStatus Status Download app

VidStatus is the best free status downloader app allow you to play short video, edit video, gif, jocks and more in Android. VidStatus app has lots of Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, and more. 

This Video Status app allows you to download trending video and also you can share the video in Whatsapp Status and other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can use the app for a free WhatsApp video editing tool to create 30 seconds of video songs with lots of filters and stickers.

Best Features
  • 30 seconds of short video songs, funny video, gif, jocks, and more.
  • A lot of Indian languages are available in this application.
  • Allow you to share and download the trending video clips.
  • The app has latest videos of both music, songs and Indian movie.

2) ShareChat - Make Friends, WhatsApp Status & Videos

ShareChat Status Download app

ShareChat is also the best Indian free short video downloader app which allows free video for Whatsapp Status, Instagram Stories, and more. ShareChat also allows 14 other Indian languages like Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, more.

ShareChat is an Indian social media and it has over 100 million users. Here you get entertainment videos, funny videos, quotes, trending news, latest cinema short video, and more.

You can download and share the short status video and even it allows you to create an awesome video using the filters and emoji stickers.

Best Features
  • Latest movies gossips short videos.
  • You get huge number of short videos which you can share in Whatsapp Status.
  • It allows you to create a beautiful video with its face filters and stickers.
  • Get the newest trending news in your locality.
  • Also get learning videos, motivational quotes, fitness video and more.

3) VMate For Android

VMate Status Download app

VMate is a popular short video app which allows creating shorte video using face filters and emoji stickers. Also, you can download and share the short interesting video in Whatsapp Status Video. It supports multiple Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, etc.

VMate is a powerful video editor platform and millions of users are actively used to make a short video clip. VMate also helps to skilled how you can make a professional video. On this video status app, you can find interesting video related to the upcoming movie, songs, and trending topics.

You can share a short video, create interesting video and use in Whatsapp Status also.

Best Features

  • It contains AI filters, beautiful emoji stickers, music and more.
  • Over 11 Indian languages are supported.
  • VMate helps you to make a professional short video.
  • You can use in WhatsApp Status for free.
  • If you love to create a short video then you can earn money also.

4) Helo - Daily Updates of Status, Videos & Trends

Helo Status Download app

Helo is a pretty amazing free status download app on your android. Helo is an Indian social app and it has massive users base. It allows chatting, short video and images download and more. Here you can get best Whatsapp status video, motivational quotes, funny post, songs video, love quotes, etc. You can use to share the interesting video in Whatsapp Status for Free.

Helo supports over 14 Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali and more. A lot of video creator is creating video and publish in this platform daily. So, you can get new and trending video daily.

Helo also includes new editor tool which allows to edit photos and videos. You can use AI filters and beautiful stickers for free.

Best Features

  • Helo allows you to use the short videos in Whatsapp Status and Instagram Stories for Free.
  • It supports over 14 other Indian languages.
  • You can comment, share, and download the video.
  • You can get free entertaining videos, love quotes, comedy videos, and more.
  • You can edit videos and use the AI filters also.

5) Video Status - Share Story iOS

Video Status Status Download app

Video Status is for the iOS devices and it contains a massive collection of interesting short videos. If you are an iPhone user and want to install status download app then you can install this app. It contains trending videos daily, funny videos, love video, sad video and more.

It supports many Indian languages and you can filter by the language like Hindi, Gujarati, English, Punjabi, etc.

You can get funny status videos, Sad status videos, Shayari status videos, and more. You can like, share and add in your Whatsapp Status.

Best Features

  • Get free sad, funny, Shayari videos for Status video.
  • It allows many Indian languages and you can filter by the language.
  • You can like, share and use in your status and stories.
  • You can upload your videos and get famous.

6) Bolly - The Video Status App iOS

Bolly Status Download app

Bolly is also a great and popular iOS app for Status video download. Here you get a huge number of amazing videos. It allows you to share the video, download the video and use on your Status or Stories. The size if very tiny and it supports lots of Indian languages like Hindi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, etc.

Bolly app separates the video by the category. When you open the app you get the latest video option, all category option and Trending video option.

You can easily download the video and the video is very optimized for the Whatsapp Status. So, if you want to install the best Whatsapp Status app then you can download the Bolly app.

Best Features

  • Upload content daily and you get all the trending video daily.
  • The application size is very small.
  • Latest video separates with the category.
  • You can download, share and add the short in the WhatsApp Status.

7) UVideo - Share Videos, Status Downloader

UVideo Status Download app

UVideo is also a great and awesome status video application for Android. We use Status for expression our mood to our contacts. So, UVideo will make it easy. Here you get an unlimited short video for free and you can share in your Whatsapp Status.

UVideo also allows to save your friends status automatically and you can share in UVideo platform or other social media platform. This feature is pretty handy. Here you can get the latest trending videos, funny clip and others. Now UVideo supports 8+ languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, etc.

Best Features

  • You get the latest trending videos and you can share it.
  • It supports over 8 Indian languages.
  • It saves your friends status automatically. 
  • It recommended your interest video based on your video sharing.
  • UVideo contains high-quality videos for Free.

8) TikTok

TikTok Status Download app

Nowadays, TikTok is a very famous entertaining short video platform and you get tons of new videos each day. Because of the number of TikTok creators is huge. Like most of the TikTok user used to play videos and also they create the videos and upload in the TikTok.

So, you get huge number of new and entertaining short videos each day. You can share the video, save the video and use to create the video by using the same music.

It has a powerful video editor, means you can trim, merge, add filters and add 100+ emojis to your video. Also if you want to famous then TikTok is the best platform.
Best Features

  • Get tons of new and trending videos.
  • Available on both Android and iOS platform.
  • Powerful video editing features.
  • A lot of beautiful face filters and 100+ emojis.
  • You can share the video and use on Whatsapp status.
  • You can create the video with fewer efforts and get famous. 

9) Welike Status - Status Video Downloader

Welike Status Download app

Welike is an android based short videos social media app which you get in the Google Play Store. In this platform, you get trending videos, Whatsapp status video, Image, Love quotes, Shayari and more. Whenever you install you need to login with Google or Facebook account. Then you can create videos, share videos, chat with friends and more.

Welike supports 15 Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, English, more. You can download Whatsapp Videos, Image and used to share it. Also if you are a content creator then you can get famous by sharing your content on this platform.
Best Features

  • You can create friends and chat with each other.
  • Trending videos, news, motivational quotes, Images, love Shayari, more.
  • You can share your content on this platform.
  • Supports 15 Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, English, more.

10) Likee Video App

Likee Status Download app

Likee is also a famous app all around the world. It allows you to create professional videos with thousands of the sticker, filters, powerful features like hair color, 4D magic and more. If you want to famous quickly then you can use to share your talent on this platform.

Likee is a world-famous short video and a social community. People come to Likee all around the world and make friends.

You can use the short video on the Whatsapp Status and Instagram Stories. Not only you get the funny or trending videos only but also get education and knowledge base videos on this platform.
Best Features

  • Powerful Video Editing tool with thousand of features and stickers.
  • Powerful Social community where you can meet with people and increase your popularity.
  • You can create professional videos using magical filters and stickers.
  • You can share the short video on Whatsapp Status.
  • Fun and learn with the educational and knowledge base videos.

People Also Ask Question [FAQ]

1) What is the best Whatsapp Status Download App?
Whatsapp Status downloader app is very useful for download your Whatsapp contacts status. There are several apps available on the Store which offers you to download Whatsapp Status. For example Status Saver or Status Downloader New.
2) How You Can Download Status without application?
Download any status is a very easy way. All you need to do, watch the status and open your file manager. Then open settings and find Hide Folder. Enable the features and then open Whatsapp folder then media then status. Here you can find all your seen Status video and Images.
3) How You Can Find the Best Status Video?
There are lots of apps are available on the Play Store and App Store. These apps allow you to get the best funny and trending video for free. Also, we share 10 best Whatsapp Status Video Download Apps you can use.


Status video is going very popular and people love to express their mood through the status videos. Here we give the best Whatsapp Status Video Download Apps for Android and iOS. I hope you like the article and if you like the kindly share it. Thanks for visiting our website.
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