What Is IP Address? IPv4 and IPv6 Details Explain In 2021

What Is IP Address?

Computers and the other digital device on internet communicate with each other through underground or underwater fiber optic cable or wirelessly. If you download any file from the internet then my computer should have an address, so that other computer or the server can find and locate my computer. 
In internet terms that address of the computer is called IP Address or Internet Protocol Address.

What Is IP Address
IP Address

For example, if someone wants to send you a letter then he/she should have your home address similarly your computer or device also needs an address. So, that other computer or server on the internet can send you the file that you want to download and this internet term is called IP Address. 

How IP Address Works?

It is a string of number, written in a certain format and it looks like “70.632.89.123”. The comparison between IP and Home address is that the home address which is identified by your area postman and you get all the things delivered in this address. Similarly, the computer address which is identified by the computer or server on the internet and you get all the download available on your address.

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The internet protocol address and it is a set of rules that makes internet works. Now you are able to read this articles on this website only because your devices have an IP address and the server provides all the data on your device address.

The Types of IP Address:

Basically, it is two types one is internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) and the other is internet protocol version 6 (IPv6).

Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4):
IPv4 consists of four numbers separated with the dots. Each number is range from 0 to 255 decimal numbers but the computer does not understand this decimal numbers. So these numbers are converted to binary form which is computer understandable. And the IPv4 is a 32-bit address, therefore, we can approximately use IPv4 in 4 billion devices.

Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4)

But the problem with the 32-bit IPv4 address. With the IPv4 we can connect only 4,294,967,296 devices to the internet. But nowadays in the world, people use devices for more than 4 billion. So slowly we are moving towards IPv6.

Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6):
IPv6 is a 128-bit address system. With the IPv6 we can connect a huge number of device and it is enough for our future generation.
The IPv6 is written as a group of 8 hexadecimal number separated with colons.

Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6)

For example, it is written as 2001:0DB8:AC10:FE01:0000:0000:0000:0000“.

How To Know What Is My IP Address?

How to know your IP Address

To know what is my address, open any browser and go to Google.com. Then types “what is my IP”.
Now Google shows you what is your device IP.

Classification Of IP Address:

There are two types:

  1. Dynamic Address
  2. Static Address

Dynamic Address:
When you connect your smartphone or computer to the internet, the ISP(internet service provider) provides you an IP address. Now you can connect your device to the internet and send or receive the data on the internet.

That is because we are actually using IPv4 and very limited device are use IPv6. But now the number of the device is huge (over 4billion). So the ISP provides address like “”. And it is called Dynamic Address.

Static Address:
The static address is a permanent internet address. These addresses are used by DNS servers.
What are the DNS servers? actually, these help you to open a website on your computer. Static addresses provide information such as device is located which country, city or the IPS. Once we know who is the ISP provides internet connection to that devices then can easily trace the device connect to the internet. 
Static IP addresses are considered somewhat less secure than the dynamic address.


So, without the internet protocol address, we would not be able to connect and without internet, we would be standing in long queues to get train tickets, we would not see the newspaper to see where jobs are available and many more.
Nowadays, without internet, we can’t do anything and the IP address is the must for an internet connection.
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