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Today, many people are using the screen capture software to capture anything doing on the computer or any other device in an easy way. Even many of the YouTubers are also use screen capture software to make youtube videos. You will get so many screen capture software on the internet. There are many screen capture software is free to use and also many software are paid. Here, we find out some great screen capture software. So, if you want to capture the screen, then you might use this software.

Note: Actually, I try these screen capture software in my HP (windows 10) laptop and they are performed pretty well and you defiantly easily use these screen capture software.

Screen Capture Software:

Bandicam Screen Recorder:

Bandicam screen recorder is one of my favorite screen capture software. The user interface of this is very simple and easy to use. It has a left side window and here can access setting and many more. On the top, you will get various modes, such as game recording mode, full screen, and device recording mode. There has a record button on the top right corner. One of the best features of Bandicam Screen Recorder is that it allows you to select which portion of the screen you want to record, and easily crop the frame to that portion. Now, this feature is very helpful for tutorial makers and PowerPoint Presenters. Well, someone who likes to add his face/webcam to video, Bandicam offers you to do, that’s pretty nice. Another great feature that Bandicam screen recorder offers its users is the ability to draw anything on your video in real time.

  • Simple UI and easy to use the software
  • Tons of features
  • Powerful Encoding
  • Live Streaming is Not Supported
  • Limited 10 minutes recording time in Trial Version

OBS Studio:

If you find a High-quality screen recording, Multi-platform streaming and Pro level editing and control tools then OBS Studio is for you. It brings a lot of video editing tool which makes it one of the great software. The UI of this software is like a video editor software. OBS studio supported various video format (like flv, mp4, mkv, etc.) and various resolutions (HD, FullHD, etc.). OBS Studio can stream games in full-screen mode and record videos up to 60FPS.

  • Can streaming many popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live and DailyMotion.
  • Supported many video format like flv, mp4, mkv etc.
  • Supported various resolutions (HD, Full HD etc.)
  • The sheer diversity tool available in OBS Studio.


Camtasia is one of the popular screen capture software. Most of the YouTube creator are use Camtasia for screen capture and also edit video. Basically, Camtasia is a simple video editing software and screen capture tool comes with it. All over Camtasia is pretty nice and very useful.

  • Pretty simple and easy UI
  • Darg and Drop mechanism to apply.
  • Help you to make a perfect video to share on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • No time limit on video length.
  • It is actually paid (trail one month) , highly investment to use it’s full feature.
  • Camtasia takes so time to load.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio:

Movavi screen capture studio is one of my favorite screen capture software, I personal use. Movavi screen capture studio supported very low specification computer like it supported those computer that have slow processor. The interface of movavi screen capture is very simple and easy to use and you get pretty nice result. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is decorated with some of the best video editing tools that are ever found bundled with other software in the segment.

  • No time limit on length video.
  • Great tool like noise reduction, focus adjustment lenses, artistic blur tools.
  • Trail version for 7 days
  • In trail period, video has watermark and if you want to use full feature then must buy premium version.

Cyberlink Screen Recorder:

Cyberlink screen recorder comes with Cyberlink PowerDirector16 video editor software. So, you don’t need to buy or install this software. The UI of cyberlink screen recorder is pretty easy to use and the result you get is good. Actually, it has no advanced tool because the powerdirector 16 is already installed on your computer. So, if you buy Cyberlink Powerdirector 16 video editor to edit video then you must use this software for free.

  • UI is pretty simple
  • No time limit on video length.
  •  You get only two video format like MP4 and WMV.
  • You get only 3 types of video resolution

DVD VideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder:

DVD videosoft’s free screen video recorder is the last screen capture software in our list. This screen recorder software is fast, simple and easy to use. You can also take screenshot with this software. It is very grateful feature for many users.

  • capture screenshots in various file types (viz. PNG, JPEG, etc.)
  • Capture videos without a time limit
  • Quite a fast screen record
  • Video and Audio quality is awesome
  • Get full feature, take membership starts at $19
  • Watermark on the video (free version)

My Opinion About Screen Capture Software

This is some best screen capture software that you can use to capture the screen and you will get a great performance. To use this screen capture software you can create a tutorial for YouTube and like other platforms. I hope you like the articles, if you like then share to your friends and also follow us. Thanks to visiting our site.

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